4 Cylinder Starters & Flywheel Ring Gears

If anyone needs to convert a 4 cylinder "L Head" starter to 12 Volt Call Mac at...

Mac's Jeeparts
33298 SE Peoria Rd.
Corvallis, OR 97333-2545


I converted a 1947 "L head" to 12 volt for a guy & used one of his starters.

It was a slick conversion. He can now start it with a key instead of the old kick down. Mac is doing a great job on these starters!

As of 11/23/2011 you can also get a 12 volt starter from Kaiser Willys Auto Supply


Running 12 volts on the 6 volt starters works for awhile. It is hard on the bendix with a 12 volt kick in though.


Check out the 12 volt starters here.


I have used these and they make a nice clean conversion. Still in use without any trouble 3 years later.


Need new ring gear… check out Ron’s here


 The flywheel ring gear choices for the 4 cylinder Willys jeeps are…

97 tooth ring gear

124 tooth ring gear

129 tooth ring gear

 97 tooth goes with MB and 2A and uses the MZ4113 or MZ4124 starter which have 10 tooth pinion. This starter mounts with two 3/8" bolts. The bell for this setup is the early bell with the bushing in the back face for the starter shaft.

 124 tooth is for the early CJ3A and early M38. It uses the MZ4137 or MZ4162 both kick pedal starters, or the MZ4163 from the Hudson which will allow key start. All are 6 volt & 9 tooth pinion. The M38 uses a 24 volt starter. This uses the same bell and adapter plate as above.

 129 tooth goes with the late 3A, late M38, 3B & CJ5/6. All those starters are the large flange starters ( 9 tooth pinion) ( 6, 12 & 24 volters available) that mount with two 1/2" bolts so the bell and adapter plate are different. This bell also has 3 more bolt holes each side for 5/16" bolts that go through the reinforced rear flanges of the these late blocks and does not have the bushing for the starter shaft since these starters are the closed nose type with built in bushing support for their shafts.