Fathers Day Jeep Run 2014

We decided to make our jeep run on Saturday 6/14/2014 rather than Sunday in case we had trouble and were late getting back.

Our plan was to go up to Greenwater and run over Pyramid Pass and down into the little Naches. We would then come back over the top via Greens Pass & Twin Camps and back to our start. Could not get through at Greens Pass because the road was still drifted shut on the north west side in the shade. (Pictures below)

Start               Mike                   Cole driving Jeep                


Group             Lunch Time         Greens Pass Snow           






These are on YouTube and easy to load & watch

Jess Video    Tyler Video    Kirk Video


Here you can download and save them. The following are big files. 35 meg so you have to be patient

Jess Video    Tyler Video    Kirk Video