Pictures from our trip to Naneum Ridge 3-19-1994 

The story must be told first...

Dick Burrows AA7PR volunteered to take the crew up in his "new to him" Snowcat. Because it was untried, Mike N7NEW decided to ride his Snowmobiles along for backup. Kirk (Mike's Son rode the second sled) Everything went fine on the way up. The radio work was completed and we started back down. Kirk & Mike were riding ahead and sweeping up through the meadows playing. We noticed we had not seen the Snowcat for awhile so we rode back up the trail looking for the crew. We found them sitting dead in the water with a big puddle of oil behind where Dick shut the Cat down. After scrutinizing the situation we found that the front axel cross member had broke loose and slammed back into the engines oil pan. It broke some other stuff in the process. Well, the Cat was done so Kirk & Mike started ferrying crew members out to the trucks on the two Snowmobiles. Monday we hired a D3 dozer to travel into the Snowcat and pull it out to the trailer. (about 7 miles in)

Here are some pictures from the trip. Click on them to see full size...

               Trip up to site         Site arrival                                               Site tower pictures

Snow Cat Naneum 1.jpg (183179 bytes)        Snow Cat Naneum 4.jpg (143384 bytes)        Building-Tower looking east.jpg (157748 bytes)        Building-Tower looking west.jpg (172484 bytes)        Tower - ice 1.jpg (110445 bytes)        Tower - ice 2.jpg (96302 bytes)

                              Bob WA7HTJ & Jim                          Jack W7HNH                                                           Site View North

Inside building 1.jpg (129022 bytes)        Inside building 2.jpg (137140 bytes)        Inside building 3.jpg (126374 bytes)        Inside building 4.jpg (154719 bytes)        View North 1.jpg (108678 bytes)        View North 2.jpg (177906 bytes)

                  Site View North            Kirk & Sleds       View towards Blewett    View towards Eburg                     Mission Ridge

View North 3.jpg (134630 bytes)        View North 4 and Kirk-a.jpg (345430 bytes)        View towards Blewett.jpg (151819 bytes)        View towards Eburg 1.jpg (123145 bytes)        View towards Mission1.jpg (112426 bytes)        View towards Mission2.jpg (113752 bytes)

                           Crew Headed down                                             Ralph N7XQL                                         Monday Tow out

Snow Cat Naneum 2.jpg (138427 bytes)        Snow Cat Naneum 3.jpg (246789 bytes)        N7XQL on sled.jpg (130942 bytes)        N7XQL on broke Cat.jpg (179126 bytes)        Dozer towing cat 1.jpg (217120 bytes)        Dozer towing cat 2.jpg (185008 bytes)

Monday Tow out

Dozer towing cat 3.jpg (117093 bytes)        Dozer towing cat 4.jpg (122525 bytes)