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At this time I have it update every 5 min.

Highs & Lows are reset at midnight every night automatically.

Rain Gauge is Broken at present

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Anemometer repaired afternoon of 11/18/2006

It had a piece of foreign mater in it, preventing the fan from turning.

High wind gust of 36.2 MPH at 3:02 AM 1/5/08

High wind gust of 57.2 MPH   before we lost power 12/14/06

High Temperature for 2007 99.8 degrees on 7/11/2007


Please email me if you think this thing quits updating. It is unattended !!


The approximate location of this weather station is the Canyon Park area just North of Bothell, WA.

Elevation is 225' above sea level.

The wind speed is measured at about 30' off ground level.

The other sensors (temp, rain, etc) are at 14' off ground level.

Today 5/17/06 I built a shiny aluminum shade hood over the Temp sensor to keep it more accurate.

So future temp readings will now be taken in the shade.

The Weather station is made by La Cross Technology "model # 2310"

The software is called "Weather Display" using custom webpage

Today 2/15/2013 I made a screen to cover the rain gauge. Keeps the wind blown matter out of it. Seems to work fine.

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