Stuff For Sale



Motorola Gear for sale. With microphones and mounting hardware.

All have been tested and work fine on 173.275 MHz.

Make offer & bring truck.


Two (2): Motorola Maxar 80 Model # D43TSA3000AK

OLDER CRYSTAL CONTROLED MOBILE 25 watt 4 channel crystal controlled.


Ten (10): Motorola Moxy Receivers. Model # D23GMA1000BK


Ten (10): Motorola Moxy Transceiver Model # D43GMA3000AK

One (1): Motorola Flexar Model L34TRK-61000AH / SERIAL 414CEC00091

The Motorola Flexar Base/Repeater is an early vintage desktop repeater base.

It is crystal controlled, but only uses 2 inexpensive crystals to set up.

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