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2015 Pictures

This year Kirk & Cole drew Cow tags. We filled both of them... 









2016 Pictures

This year Mike & Austin drew Cow Tags. We filled both of them. Kirk got a Spike & Ryan got a Spike. Total of four. Great Year !!!!!

Mike's brothers Doug & Brian joined us at camp making it 6 Reid boys in camp! We also had Jorbin, James, Ryan, Orv & Auckland in camp







Video of hanging Austin's Cow    This is a big file so it will take a bit for it to load...


2017 trip & Pictures

Well this year was a bust for us. We did not get drawn for any permits so we were hunting Spike Elk only.

Only one Spike was seen and Cole & Jumbo could not get a shot at it. We had a great camp and good times.

Saw branched antler bulls and cows & calfs.

Jim, Orv, Ryan, Kirk, Austin, Cole, James (Jumbo), Doug (from Montana) and Mike (Pa), made up the hunting party. With friends

John (from Alaska), Tom & Jess with daughter, Patrick, Tyler and Frons with girlfriends driving up to visit.