Reid Family Pictures

Reid Family Picture taken the day of Dad's funeral 8/8/2008. Kristie superimposed Dad's picture into it to make this one.

Mom & Dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary 2/9/1996

Mom & Dad at Applebee's 82 BD

Reid family 8/8/2008

Reid Family June 1967... Brian-Gib-Mike-Eileen-Carolynn-Doug at Covington Home

Reid Family June 1967... Brian-Harry A-Gib-Eileen-Alida-Mike-Carolynn-Doug at Covington Home

June 1967 at Covington Home Eileen-Gib-Harry A-Carolynn

Reid Family taken in Sequim

Reid Family taken in Sequim

Brian-Harry A-Alida-Carolynn-Mike-Doug At Portage Glacier, Alaska July 1961

Reid's at the Ayers 12/25/2005

Reid's at the Reid's 12/25/2005

Reid's at the Brown's 12/25/2005

Reid boys at Brian's 50th Birthday Party

Connie-Alida-Mike At Reid family home Salinas, Cal. 8/1974

Doug & Nana Sitch At Sea Tac airport. Nana going home 8/1984


Kirk-Gib-Eileen-Kristie Mike behind 7/16/2005


Kirk-Sarah-Cole-Austin 3/30/2003

Mike & Kirk at Covington Home 8/30/1981

Mike & Patti

Mike at his Kent home 1968

Mike & Brian at Salinas home 7/23/1978

Patti & Mike

Mom with flowers Doug & Les sent. Her 80th Birthday in Sequim home 6/12/2003

Patti & Mike with dog Tour 2008

Old Reid Homestead taken on 8/31/1998