World War Two Jerry Can & Bracket / Holder Information

The U.S. military began using the steel jerry can to store and transport liquids during World War II. The capacity of the steel jerry can is 5.05 gallons or 20 liters, with a weight of 10.5 pounds empty and 41 pounds when full of gasoline.

Jerry Can Manufacturer List     (incomplete)


Arvin Noblitt-Sparks
Conco (continental can company)
Davis Welding & MFG Co. (Note this is a 1943 dated USN embossed can)
Magnatex (The Circle M marking) I have photos of a 42 dated can. (Rml1708)
S.A. Jr. Toys

Early 1940's Jerry Cans

My 1943 Jerry Cans

Some of the USA Jerry Cans were date stamped on top, some on the bottom. By 1945 it seems all of them were stamped on the bottom.

Here are some pictures of a couple of my 1943 cans in the process of being cleaned up and painted.

1943 Jerry Can 1a.jpg (397363 bytes)    1943 Jerry Can 2a.jpg (398789 bytes)    1943 Jerry Can 3a.jpg (487495 bytes)    1943 Jerry Can 4a.jpg (371307 bytes)    1943 Jerry Can 5a.jpg (351473 bytes)

Date stamping usually of the form "20-5-42". This means 20 liters-5 gallons, made in 1942 and not "May 20, 1942"

The ICC stands for Interstate Commerce Commission

The N.S.I. stands for the company that made this can.

Please notice the difference in the size of the date stamp used on the two cans above & made by the same company.

The poor spouts used on the standard WW2 cans were cam style not thread in.

Jerry Can Brackets used on WW2 Jeeps

Here is a comparison of the older WW2 brackets and the post War new style.

My old style are all stamped with the number 66675

The old & newer style are made different as you will see in the pictures.

These are pictures of a couple of my extra brackets showing the comparison.

Numbers on 1943 Jeeps Jerry Can Bracket.jpg (1171665 bytes)

Compare Old & New Jerry Can Bracket 1a.jpg (481526 bytes)    Compare Old & New Jerry Can Bracket 5a.jpg (397928 bytes)    Compare Old & New Jerry Can Bracket 9a.jpg (464262 bytes)    Old Style Jerry Can Bracket 22-a.jpg (408060 bytes)    Old Style Jerry Can Bracket 22 Closeup-1a.jpg (301233 bytes)