Mike's Review on Hunting Gear

I'm not one to recommend gear lightly !

I have found a hunting knife that is really something.

Outdoor Edge started making a knife called the Swingblade.


I bought this one first and then gave it to my son Kirk.

Then they came out with the Swingblaze.

Being easier to find in the dark & brush I bought the same knife in orange when it came out.

I have bought about 6 of these knife's and have given them away as gifts.

This knife will do an Elk completely for back packing out and will still be usable without a re-sharpen.

The gut hook will "zipper" an Elk hide like nothing I have ever used.

This is one of the better Knife's I have used.

Sadly, the last one I bought 9/2011 says "Made In China"

I feel Outdoor Edge has made a mistake here.

I will have a hard time buying any more of them just because of that.