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Mike working over the bank at Crystal Mt

Lester School transportation
Reid above Lester summer 1992.jpg (343418 bytes)
Dragging a new pole into a site just below the tunnel on the west side.
Veleze & Roger Lester 1992.jpg (359181 bytes)
Roger & Jim hanging cable on the new pole below the tunnel on the west side

Roger Hamilton fueling the dozer below Lester when we were cleaning trees from under the cable leed.

Mike fueling hoe at Lester

Kirk greasing the hoe at Lester

East portal of the Stampede tunnel

Washout at Martin

Martin washout

Jack stuck at Maywood

Jack stuck at Maywood

Jim Coble & Mel Ferris on the trip to repair the cabin door.

Mel Ferris & Jim Coble repairing cabin door

Mike Reid & Jim Coble repairing cabin door

New metal covered door on cabin

Old Cabin steps before Kirk made a new metal replacement

Early tower work

Great Pals...Ike, Ken, Ed and Chet

Mike & Pete just clowning around

Working aloft without a tower
ED Royer sleds 1990.jpg (244306 bytes)
Ed Royer near Stampede

Royer in the manhole

The old Line Crew

Headed down the tracks on the 580K Backhoe

RR Map to Stampede
Mike Reid Maywood-1 1990.jpg (339205 bytes)
Mike setting a pole near Maywood after a flood

Mike in the Cat with Stampede line shack in background

Jack Leonard at weather station

Working at the weather station

Mike Reid working trouble in downtown Lester

Old days work near tunnel


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