McCulloch Model 5-49

This saw was given to Mike by Mel Ferris in 2011. Mel can’t remember who he got it from. It was in pieces when Mike got it. We have a 36” Bar and a 48” Bar for it. One 36” Chain & two 48” Chains. The clamp for the swivel gear head was missing and the two man handle for the end of the bar was also missing. Mike got it together for display August 2012.

I am looking for the clamp & the two man handle.

The Power Head alone weighs 49 pounds.

I weighed it today with the bar & chain and it weighs 61 pounds “dry”

It is 6' 2" long without the two man handle.

The Serial # is 54921729

Saw history Update 8/8/2012

Mel Ferris called and informed me that a buddy I went to school with (Jim Noel) was with him and so Jim and I talked about the Saws history. The saw used to belong to his Uncle Frank Noel who lived near Morton, WA.     Frank had a farm with big timber on it and used the saw on his farm. Jim's cousin Andy Noel acquired it when Frank died in about 1960.

Thanks for the history on the saw Jim !!!


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McCulloch 5-49 11a.jpg (149330 bytes)    McCulloch 5-49 12a.jpg (135307 bytes)    McCulloch 5-49 26a.jpg (139933 bytes)    McCulloch 5-49 27a.jpg (129416 bytes)

It has "F Noel" Scratched into the 48" Bar

McCulloch 5-49 19a.jpg (123201 bytes)

McCulloch was founded in 1943 by Robert McCulloch in Milwaukee, WI. under the original name of McCulloch Motors Corporation. The company specialized in small 2 cycle engines. In 1946, Bob McCulloch moved the company to Los Angeles, where the first McCulloch chain saw, the 5-49, was produced in 1948.The 5-49 was an innovative chain saw and offered a winning combination of lighter weight and more horsepower than any completive 2 man saw on the market.

It was followed by the debut of the first one man saw ( 3-25) , a truly remarkable product that revolutionized the entire chain saw industry. The introduction of a chain saw, that could be handled by a single person, opened the door to previously untapped markets and the creation of a consumer outlet for what had been a professionals only product. During the next several decades, the company continued to grow and expand into new markets. In 1958, the company name was changed to the McCulloch Corporation. 

Here are pictures of the clamp I need...

McCulloch 5-49 00a.jpg (63054 bytes)        McCulloch 5-49 clamp.jpg (18932 bytes)

This is what I did for now...

McCulloch 5-49 28a.jpg (96364 bytes)


Here is a picture of the two man handle I need...

Information from Chainsaw Collectors Corner web site