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Lieutenant Colonel Manuel Conley summed up the record of the wartime jeep: "Versatile, reliable, and virtually indestructible, this magic motor vehicle bounced to glory as one of World War II's most enduring legends." Little did anyone know that the successes the jeep had in war were the first of many to come.

Experienced soldiers appreciated the fact that the jeep would go places that a mule would not. "Lots of times a mule will balk if he doesn't think his leader is using good judgment," one GI observed. "But a jeep will always try!"

The following company (or companies) made vehicles with the "Jeep" name. 
All of these (American Motors, Willys-Overland, Chrysler). Willys-Overland made Jeeps from 1946 to 1970, when they sold the Jeep Corporation to American Motors, who in turn sold it to Chrysler in 1987. 

Know who was the pioneer developer of the free-wheeling front hub? 
Arthur Warn.  The Warn company now makes hubs, winches, and other Jeep accessories.

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