Eleanor Waterman (Eleanor Rowland)

Eleanor Rowland, now Eleanor Waterman, came to Chugiak Elementary in 1954 from Pennsylvania to teach second grade. It was her first job after graduating from college. "It was kind of relaxed," she said, smiling.

She met her husband who was in the Air Force and taught until 1959. She and her husband made plans to come to Wasilla this summer from their home in Massachusetts, and she was pleased the timing coincided with the reunion.


I first went to Alaska 3 years later than Gib and Eileen.  I went with a couple to Ninilchik and baby sat their two boys while the couple taught in the two room school in Ninilchik.  That was before there was a road from Anchorage to Seward.  The car was put on the train and we went to Moose Pass.  From there , a road went to Kenai and Homer, and to Seward.  The road sounds very much like the road that Gib and Eileen traveled where there were 3 ruts.