Early Chugiak Residents / Settlers & Pioneers

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It is what information I have stumbled across in my research.

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Mike Alex

Mary Lue & Glen Briggs

Ruth & Dale Briggs Lived and worked in Alaska for many years. Both departed

Ken Laughlin  1934 Ken Laughlin files on 160 acres adjoining Siebenthaler's homestead to the east.  Laughlin opens what might be called first fast-food service in Chugiak-Eagle River, selling hot dogs and hamburgers to highway crews.  Built his cabin above Upper Fire lake in 1935. 

Ray Tedrow family

Ida & George Allen George and Ida Allen opened Allen's Grocery at mile 24

Jo & Frank Brink

Eleanor & Art Brendel

Mlva & Walter Peppel In late 47 they moved into the Lars Nyberg home, right on the road. At that time they were  operating two other farms, 1 in Palmer, and 1 in Spanard. They came to Alaska with the colonist in 1936.

Hal Nagel and Family

Vesta & Pete Marimans  Fire Lake Lodge

Marie & Jim Mcdowel MooseHorn Trading Post "opened in the summer 1946"

Margaret & Paul Swanson Swanny Slopes

Cloise & Justin Parks

Less and Dotty Fetrow Both departed

Grace & Reese  Tatro  1947 On the shore of mirror lake Grace and Reese Tatro started building. Reese had lived & worked in Alaska for many years. Reece & Gracie Tatro had a hamburger and ice cream shop in Peters Creek at about mile 22. They called it the Dairy Delight and it was a popular “Sunday drive” destination for many people. Today, the Dairy Delight has morphed into Bella Vista Pizza.

Alma & Vernon  Haik 1947 At mile 20 Vern and Elma Haik were coming along with their cabin. Next year they would start construction of  Spring Creek Lodge.

Eileen & Gib  Reid Gib departed 7/14/2008... Eileen departed August 3, 2014

Ruth & Henning Johnson "Jonny"

Bobby and Simon Media Both departed... Bobby & Simon lived out their last years in Black Diamond, WA.

Marie & Joe Newman Came from Holy Cross, Alaska on the western Yukon River.

Dolly Whaley Of Eagle River

Mildred & Roger Ball

Lois and Bob Stewart  Homesteaded at a later date about Mile 21

Glades and Glen Rogers 1947 About at mile 23. Glenn put up a place where he later started the first bar in Chugiak. Reid's borrowed a small tent from them early on.

Kathy & Ollie Walker

Bernie & John Stockhausen On 15 Sep. 1947 John Stockhousen pulled; with his 1˝ ton Chev. 4x4; Reid's Wanagan down the road from Simon's property near Moose Horn Trading Post; onto our homestead at mile 18.

Sgt. Dwainua

Edmunds "Edmonds Lake" Leased his property from the Territory, and worked for Road Commission.

Crusey 1947 Reid's first occupied a cabin on the old Crusey homestead

Mr. Storm

Pat & Martin Tuttle

John Snider

Harvey Failer

Leo Robinson 1947 Across Peters' Creak, Leo  had started a place.

Milten Wyatt 1947 Wyatt quickly threw up a log cabin on the Homesite next to the Fetrows at mile 19.

Betty Eberhart

Gloria & Micky Green

Charlet & John Davis  

Wayne & Mickie Dickey   (not sure of spelling)

Eleanor Waterman Chugiak Elementary School Teacher



Earl Ray


Elsie & Russ Oberg Both departed

Dallon Oberg

Wallace Extended Family Jeanette & Francis Wallace, Arthur F Wallace, Ella & Thillman F Wallace, Mike Wallace, Jim Wallace

Lillian & Jim Polyefko

Cleda & Bill Stephens

Ray Beam

Danny Bell

Lorraine & Art Johnson Information from Son Johnny Johnson 2/17/2010

Jess Straight

Harriet “Rusty” Bellringer Harriet S. "Rusty" Bellringer. Ph.D., died Aug. 2, 2003 settled in Peters Creek 1951. "The Knik Arm Courier" This weekly newspaper was
edited and published by Rusty Bellringer from 1960-1973


Elfie & Tom Towne Elfie departed Sept. 2, 2007

Joyce & Fred Sawyer Fred was Mike's mentor for Ham Radio. Thanks Fred

Esther & Reverend Wayne Hull " Minister of Chugiak Methodist Church" Wayne departed April 23, 2001, Esther Departed ?

Rachel & Reverend Ernest H. Jones "Ernie" Minister at Chugiak Methodist Church in 1962

Robert Schoonmaker Born March 18, 1931, in Portland, Maine. He served in the Air Force and was a seaman in the U.S. Merchant Marines. He moved to Alaska in 1949, residing in Chugiak 1949-52, 1953-64, and 1978-2006.

Natalie Brooks Came to Chugiak in 1960 and taught music at Chugiak and Eagle River elementary schools.

 Lee Emmert  

Bucky Morse Teacher at Chugiak School

12/20/2020... Mike, Just though you may want to correct the name for my father Bucky Morse. We moved from Chugiak in 1963 to a logging camp in Rodman Bay till 1965 when we moved to NW Oklahoma for 3 years. From there we moved to NW Arkansas where he still lives today. My mother Louise who also retired from teaching school passed in 1999.

 Leslie Morse

Thanks for the correction Leslie !


Carol Witherell Teacher at Chugiak School

Donna Joy McGladrey Music Teacher at Chugiak School

Hance Ence

Ben Ernst