After following the set Land Office procedure the Reidís were awarded the Contest, and were ready to move their new home on site. The site they picked was along the road with the remains of a log cabin, a well photographed Cache, and a two hole, log out house. During breakup and in early summer there was a small stream running by the east side of the cabin. The roof poles had rotted and caved in, all that was left were the 4 foot walls above ground, and about one foot of wall set down in the ground. These buildings were built in the 1930's by a old railroad worker named Mr. STORM.

As we understand it, he built this place before the road was put in, using horses to pull the logs to the cabin site. Old timers told us of using his cabin for a hunting headquarters when they were younger. As was the custom in those days, the door was never locked, and all that was expected of a user was to replenish the wood supply.