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March 29, 2013


Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest

215 Melody Lane

Wenatchee, WA 98801


For immediate release: March 29, 2013 12p.m.


Naches Ranger District Public Info. Asst. Michelle King, (509) 653-1420

Naches Ranger District Front Country Trails Coordinator Kevin Hill, (509) 653-1436



Muddy Conditions Necessitate Seasonal Trail Closures

                NACHES—Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest managers plan to implement a seasonal closure on Naches Ranger District motorized trails from April 1 until June 15 to protect natural resources, minimize damage to trails and maintain quality trail systems.

          They have implemented similar temporary closures the past two years in wet spring months and will open trails earlier if drier conditions warrant it.

          Naches Ranger District recreation managers have worked with motorized user groups to implement the closures in a manner that minimizes impacts to the public, while protecting natural resources. Both motorized and non-motorized user group members often volunteer to maintain trails and help educate the public on the adverse impacts of traveling on muddy trails. These impacts often include increased soil erosion and additional trail maintenance.

The Naches Ranger District seasonal restrictions apply to all trails with any type of motorized designation and includes all trail users, motorized or non-motorized.

Selected closure dates are flexible and based on weather information and existing trail conditions. Trails in different areas may open earlier or later than June 15. The Forest Service and volunteer partners will make every effort to keep trails cleared of logs and other forest debris so trail systems can be opened as soon as they dry out.

Approved volunteers will be permitted on certain trails prior to the opening date to assist with maintenance and help make trail opening determinations.

Naches Ranger District volunteers have proven to be an invaluable resource to the recreation program.      

“Volunteers on the Naches Ranger District donated over 1,700 hours to motorized trail maintenance in just 2012 alone,” Naches Ranger District Recreation Planner Sue Ranger said. “The district looks forward to strengthening its relationships with its volunteers and utilizing their experience in monitoring trail conditions.”

Naches District Ranger Irene Davidson said, “Law enforcement patrols, communication, and self-policing by trail users will increase the effectiveness of a seasonal motorized trail closures. Employees will continue to collaborate with local law enforcement to follow through with seasonal restrictions.”

Information on the closure will be made available through signs on major roads, news releases, radio announcements and website notices. These same communication methods will be used to inform the public when trails open.

Naches Ranger District recreation managers will continue to assess the effectiveness of the spring motorized trail closure with regard to the intent of protecting trails and reducing annual maintenance needs. 




Information about land closures by DNR & WDFW

Kittitas County opposes yearly land closures
By Mike Johnston,
Ellensburg Daily Record | Posted: Monday, March 18, 2013 9:00 am 


ORV People Better Read About This

Manastash Ridge Green Dot Road Expansion

Winter Recreationalists Read This

Manastash in Kittitas County (Note: Manastash is not open this season due to storm damage from last spring)

Manastash Winter Recreation Area See additional information -Manastash is now managed by Washington State Parks. 

Discover Pass required year around.

For more information, please visit their website

Hunters Beware!

The following Copied from Forest Service website... 9/4/2011

Cle Elum Ranger District Road Closures as of August 3 2011

The following Forest Service Roads are closed to motorized use due to flood damage. It is unlikely that these roads will open to public travel in 2011.

The following USFS roads are closed as of August 3 in the Cle Elum Ranger District (Chelan-Kittitas County line to the Manastash Ridge in Kittitas County):

CLOSED between the Sno-Park and Barber Springs, at Buck Meadows, and from the junction with 3120 to the end of the road at Quartz Mountain

Closed at a point between 3120 109 and 3100 near the Hoyt Mine Trail crossing

3330-Gnat Flat
CLOSED between 3300 and Gooseberry Flats

3350-Peoh Point
CLOSED due to flood damage 1.6 miles from Westside Road

3507-Crystal/Pole Patch
CLOSED due to numerous slumps in the road

9702-Red Top
Washed out at 1.5 miles

Road Closures in the Naches Ranger District
Recent floods caused extensive damage to the following roads which have been closed to all traffic.

Naches Ranger District Road Conditions Road Name and Number Condition

Tieton River Rd
No. 1207
Open from Road No. 1207-250 to non-motorized traffic which includes hikers, mountain bikes and horses. The Miriam Creek Bridge was stabilized enough to warrant use by these users.

Little Rattlesnake Rd
No. 1501
Closed to all motorized traffic for 5.1 miles from the junction of forest road No. 1500/1501 (T15, R15, Sec 10) to the junction of forest road No. 1501 and forest road No. 1503 (T15, R14, Sec 24)

Dry Ridge Rd
No. 1601
Closed to all motorized traffic from milepost 0.3 (T15, R15, Sec 30) to the junction with 1601/233 (T16, R14, Sec 25)

Clover Way Rd
No. 1605
Closed to all motorized traffic for 3 miles from the junction of forest road No. 1600/1605 (T16, R14, Sec 16) to the junction of forest road No. 1605-244 (T15, R14, Sec 17)

Rock Creek Rd
No. 1702
First 0.3 miles open to local residents only. Closed to public from junction with St. Rt. 410 (T16, R15, Sec 17) to the junction with forest road No. 1720 (T16, R15, Sec 4)

Gold Creek Road
No. 1703
Closed to all motorized traffic for 5.9 miles from State Route 410 (T17, R14, Sec 36) to the end of forest road No. 1703 (T17, R14, Sec 24 junction with Road No. 1705)

Milk Creek Road
No. 1708

Closed to all motorized traffic for 6.7 miles from the junction of Road No. 1708 and State Route 410 (T17, R14, Sec 9) to the junction with forest road 1708-590 (T17, R15, Sec 6)

Bumping River Road No. 1800
Closed to all traffic beginning at its junction with Deep Creek Road No. 1808 (T16N R12E NE 1/4 Sec. 34) and ending 1/4 mile west of DeepCreek (T16N R12E SW 1/4 Sec. 34) and 300 feet on either side of the road from the centerline. Closed due to heavy construction on a new bridge. Will open late fall once bridge construction is complete. 07/05/2011 
Deep Creek Road No. 1808 Closed to all traffic beginning at the the point of intersection with Copper Creek near Mt. Aix trailhead (T15N R12E SE 1/4 Sec.3) and ending 1/4 mile west of Deep Creek (T15N R12 E NE 1/4 Sec. 16) and 300 feet on either side of the road from the centerline. Deep Creek Road is not scheduled to open this year due to more flood damage further up the road which is current not accessible until the bridge is completed. 07/05/2011 

Map of Naches District Closures

TEMPORARY ROAD CLOSURE:  Washington State Department of Natural Resources is planning to close the Barber Springs road during August to replace a fish barrier.  The site is located on the Barber Springs road that leads from the South Fork Manastash southwesterly to Manastash Ridge.  The planned dates for the repair is August 13th through the 17th at which time the road will be closed to all traffic.  Barber Springs road is used to access the east side of Bald Mountain, especially by ATV (all terrain vehicle) users and four wheel drive groups from Ellensburg.

Naches Ranger District Seasonal Closures

Naches Ranger district will impose a seasonal closure for all trails in it's jurisdiction this year until June 15th. This effects all Rimrock trails as well as those in the Kaner Flats and Manastash ridge areas. See the Naches RD web page for more details and a map of the closure.

Cle Elum Ranger District Seasonal Closures

The Cle Elum Ranger District has announced seasonal motorized trail closures until June 15th. The closures are flexible and trails will be opened as the snow melts and trails are cleared. More Information

Just A Reminder:

The Naches Pass trail west side #1175 is now closed until July 15th of 2011. Other notable closures are the Nealy Creek Trail (4W315) and Ragan Trail (4W316) on Table Mountain above Liberty, they will re-open on June 15th 2011

MOTORIZED TRAIL CLOSURES:  All motorized use trails on the Naches Ranger District will be closed to motorized vehicles until June 15, 2011 unless posted.  This closure will protect wet trails from extensive damage that occurs during wet spring-time weather and runoff. 

The closure is intended to minimize impacts to trails and resources during the spring when trail integrity is most compromised by heavy use, especially during the first major spring holiday. 

The more impacts in the early season, the harder it is for trail crews and volunteers to clear and repair trails.  Crews often do not complete trail rehabilitation caused by early season use so work is carried over to the next season, compounding needed repairs.

If you have questions about these trail closures please contact Doug Jenkins at 509-653-1468 or at .   

Cle Elum and Naches Ranger Districts to Implement Seasonal Motorized Trail Closures

Release Date: Apr 14, 2011   Naches and Cle Elum, WA

Contact(s): Naches R.D. Visitor Services Specialist, Doug Jenkins, (509) 653-1468, Cle Elum R.D. Visitor Services Specialist, Nancy Jones, 509-852-1010

Okanogan-Wenatchee N.F. officials will close all motorized trails to motorized use on the Naches and Cle Elum Ranger Districts from April 15 to June 15 to protect natural resources, during periods of heavy use, spring precipitation and run-off from snow melt.

“What this means is any designated trail you can operate a motorized vehicle on will be closed to motorized use,” said Naches District Ranger Irene Davidson.

The closure is intended to minimize impacts to travel routes, camping areas, water resources and vegetation this spring. Motorized trails on the two ranger districts will be closed to all motorized traffic during this period, unless posted signs show they are open.

The closure does not prohibit hiking, mountain biking or horseback riding on the trails.

“Rarely do these trails have an opportunity to dry out at all elevations before they are being used,” Davidson said. “In many cases a segment of one trail may be dry on a south-facing slope while in a draw or north-facing slope it’s still covered by snow or running water. For some that means turning around while for others it’s a chance to push on.”

“Many motorized user groups are showing support for the seasonal closure because they help maintain these trails and they don’t want to see them tore up,” said Cle Elum District Ranger Judy Hallisey.

The seasonal closure will help protect vegetation when it’s beginning its growing cycle and is most vulnerable. It will also help protect wet soil from erosion and compaction.

“Unfortunately, at this time of year national forest trails and lands are particularly vulnerable to damage from motorized vehicles, said Cle Elum Ranger District Trails Supervisor Tim Foss. “We’re trying to avoid the steady trail degradation that’s led to closures of off-highway vehicle areas elsewhere in the state.”

Okanogan-Wenatchee N.F. visitors are asked to help protect the integrity of the national forest’s road and trail network by riding and driving only on trails or roads designated open to motor vehicle use.

Forest Service officials ask the public to report damage to roads and trails on the two ranger districts by contacting the Cle Elum Ranger Station at 509-852-1100 or the Naches Ranger Station at 509-653-1401.

Map of Naches Ranger District Seasonal Trail Closure [PDF: 2.8mb]
You can print enlarged areas of map by zooming in, and in print menu select "Current View" and under "Page Scaling" select "Fit to printable area"

Permits required for when the trails do open



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