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Working at the weather station

A speeder was the way the crew got up the tracks in the old days

Summer time picture of the company line shack in 2002

Mike's truck at the cabin 2002

Taken from the weather station 1996

Showing the telephone cable just west of the cabin during the summer of 2002

Mike Reid pointing to the telephone cable just above my hand. Compare this to the summer time picture of the same spot. (previous picture) Kinda shows the snow depth.

Ice in tunnel at west portal

Fans at tunnel west portal

West portal washout

West portal fans from tracks

Vince Smith & Jack Leonard on the pole just above the tunnel west portal

Jack Leonard on the pole just above west portal

Ice hanging off the entrance to the west portal

Mike Reid & Vince Smith dragging wire near the west portal

Vince Smith peering over the edge next to the fans at the west portal
Leed in winter of 1995.jpg (232243 bytes)
Looking west down the leed from just above the west portal

Tracks washed out at the west portal
Vinnie nearly on but 1995.jpg (176495 bytes)
Vince Smith sliding down from the leed just above the west portal

Stampede Pass Weather Station upper door during winter. Patti Reid in front of door

Stampede Pass Weather Station... taken from station end of complex looking at the living quarters on the west end of access tunnel

Weather station instruments

Flood damage at west portal

Flood damage at west portal
Mike Clearing Leed-1 1992.jpg (360905 bytes)
Mike Reid on dozer clearing the leed of trees. Just west below tunnel

Company 580K on tracks showing front wheels made up by our shop
Veleze-Hamilton Cabin 1989.jpg (361096 bytes)
Company cabin summer time

Company cabin winter time


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