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If you are interested in seeing pictures or video of the Cat in action go here...

The Bombi Snow Cat In Use

"Not for Hire because of Insurance reasons"

Just for our personal use.

Mike while working for Qwest Tel Company on an outage at Lester, WA. (With the Company Imp)

Picture of the Lester, Washington School Bus yard. The Snow Cat Bus was used in the winter to pick up students.


Some of my other Snowcat Pictures through the years.

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Snow Cat Jamboree Leavenworth WA, February 19th through the 21st. 2016

The Snow Cat Jamboree held in Leavenworth previously, is canceled for 2017. The following is quoted from their facebook page.

"The decision has been made to direct people to the McCallin all Cats event in Idaho. Both events would land near the same weekend, if people have to pick one I feel the McCall event should not be missed. There is a link to it on the Forums "McCallin All Cats 2017", if you don't already know about it you should definitely familiarize yourself with it. Hope to see ya all there, Cheers!"

 McCallin' All Cats 2017

McCall, Idaho February 23-26 , 2017


Bought this 1980 Bombardier Bombi winter of 2014

We needed a better way to access our  Amateur Radio Mountain Top Sites in winter.

We wanted a small Cat that we could haul on my 1 Ton flatbed.

A Thiokol Imp was my first choice because I was familiar with them and it was big enough to do what I wanted.

This Bombi became available and after looking it over I could make it do.

1980 Bombardier Bombi. 271 hours on it.
Ford 1600 cc industrial 4 cyl inline and ford four speed trans.
The Cat is 70" wide with the winter tracks & 8.5' long
Cat weighs 2100 pounds
Got 2 sets of tracks for it and all the manuals.

At Present it is in the shop while I build an over top rack for it to haul Antennas & such. (Snow Shoes, Chain Saw, etc)

I'm also installing hitch receivers front and rear to enable a Warn winch with 150' of cable to be used on either end.

A dual band Ham Radio will also be installed.

Also, more lights are a must ! <grin>



Need A Copy Of 1980 Bombi Operators Manual ? zipped pictures 25 pages here

1980 Bombardier Bombi Specifications (click pic for full size)




Questions about 1980 Bombi engine, transmission & differential oils ?


The Bombi has it's own differential. It is not the same as any other but it does use a Dana 44 ring and pinion.
I can not find the GM # 7403021 listed anywhere nor can anyone I have talked with.
Bombi Brakes are wet brakes. The Bombi should use "Caterpillar T0-4 fluid in 30 weight" or "Amsoil Powershift Fluid in 30 weight". Never use gear lube.
Someone even told me they used John Deere Hy-Gard Oil without problems. Here's the spec sheet from John Deere... I have not tried it ! 
Here is a link to Cross Reference Oils made by assorted Companies with the TO-4 spec... 
Here is what I am using...
Napa Oil
Part Number: NHF 85305 (meets Cats TO-4 Specs) $84.99 for 5 gal pail
Product Line: NAPA Hydraulic Fluid - Regular States 
Container Size : 5 GAL
Manufacturer : Martin Lubricants
Product Application : Caterpillar Transmission, Final Drive, Hydraulic Fluid
Recommended Transmission Type : T0-4, C-3 & C-4 
Transmission Fluid Style Name : SAE 30W Hydraulic Oil
Contents : (1) Pail
Manufacturer Part Number : 85-305

Mike's Modification to the Bombi Cab

The biggest problem with a Bombi is the small cab. "It is not a Fat Boy Cab"

What I did was made door extensions for it.

Click Thumbnails below to see full size.


These door kick out extensions of 6" on each side, made the cab the same width as the tracks.

We found the existing cab was wide enough for three butts but not for three sets of shoulders.

Now I plan on mounting a bench seat in place of the 3 individual seats.

Here is a usable Bombi ready for paint. With "Fat Boy Cab"

I kept it as light as possible but all my modifications add up to just shy of 300 pounds.

Overhead Rack = 75#

Storage Basket = 90#

Winch = 119#

The storage rack above the engine is removable for engine access.


Walk Around Video of Bombi on our YouTube Channel


First time outside the shop. I had to move it outside to do some modifications on a guys car trailer.

Today I will take it all apart to paint all the pieces


Painted 5/17/2014


Outside & Painted

Showing the Door pop-out mod to make it a real 3 Man Cab. (Now there is room for three sets of shoulders)


Bombi Final Wiring & Dash Work

I added an Oil Pressure Gauge, Amp Meter & Power Point. Wired up the Switch Panel, Hooked up the new Headlights & Mounted the Ham Radio.

The switch panel shows as a lighter yellow by the camera because it is reflector tape.



Next is a new bench seat

For now I have built a third seat. Just need to cushion & cover it.

Changed out old 22 Amp Lucas Alternator to Delco 63 Amp

Also added Spot mirrors on both sides so I can see to back up.

Added to the back hitch a cargo carrier. (removable)

Bombi Alpine Tire & Wheel Installation

3/24/2016 Just ordered Solid Elastimer Tire Assemblies for rear idlers. After replacing my foam filled, this will give me 2 tire & wheel spares and a much stiffer idler.

Installed the new tires and wheels from Alpine Guide. 12/18/2016

For more information on the installation, look at this word doc with pictures... Bombi Alpine Guide Tire/Wheel installation

New Fuel Tank

After fighting the dirty fuel tank the Cat came with and the gas fumes that are inherent of having the tank inside the cab, I decided to replace the tank. I had a stainless tank that would make a nice mod.

It was a 20 Gal tank increasing my available fuel by 9 Gal. The stock one is about 10.8 Gal. Click on thumbnails below.


The Bombi Snow Cat In Use

2002 FL60 Freightliner Slide-back With Bombi on it

Finally got a Slide-back to haul my rigs on & the best way to haul a Snowcat.

5.9 Cummins, Allison Trans, Air Brakes, 19.5 Wheels, 21' Jerr-dan bed

Click picture to see full size...

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