Repair Hints




MODEL: Summit Adrenaline 600

Electrical Problem: No lights, no dash, no hand warmers


Lights go out, tach, speedoand hand warmers quit working but the sled still runs.


I unplugged the relay checked it on the bench. The resistance across the coil terminals is about 100 ohms. So I energized the coil and saw the terminals from the contacts close and make contact. So I figured the relay was good. I plugged it back in and started the machine. Still no lights. So on a hunch I unplugged the relay again and used a jumper wire across the terminals in the socket and I had lights. So I went to Napa and bought two "AR143 - ECH" relays (one for a spare) came home and plugged it in and whamo I had lights. I figure the contacts were burned from .

Note to self (Turn off Hand Warmers before shutting off & starting to keep the arcing down)

This relay is hard to recognize but is located on the clutch side above the secondary driven clutch. It is snap-tied to the tube that comes from the upper handle bar support.


Here is a picture of the relay AR143 - ECH: (5 Terminals with mount tab)


Here is a picture of where it is located on my machine


This one is with the snap tie cut & pulled out to install the new on


My spare in the box it came in