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Getting so you have to hire a lawyer to read the regs to go sledding these days...

Copied from Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission

DNR, State Parks announce changes to winter recreation requirements
Some areas require a Sno-Park permit; others will need a Discover Pass


 DNR manages several winter recreation trailheads, which are no longer part of the Sno-Park system. For these areas, visitors will need an annual or day-use Discover Pass at the following:

The Ahtanum Winter Recreation Areas in Yakima County

Lily Lake in Chelan County

Rattlesnake in Yakima County

Manastash Winter Recreation Area See additional information -Manastash is now managed by Washington State Parks. 

Discover Pass required year around.

For more information, please visit their website

 In addition, those who purchase a one-day Sno-Park permit will also need an annual or one-day Discover Pass to visit the following locations:

Crystal Springs Sno-Park

Hyak Sno-Park

Easton Reload Sno-Park

Lake Easton State Park

Lake Wenatchee State Park

Fields Spring State Park

Mount Spokane State Park

Mount Tahoma Trail System (managed by DNR)

Mike Urich Cabin at Government Meadows 1/22/2013

Ray, Mike & Doug made a shakedown cruise to Greenwater 1/22/2013
Sno Park on the 70 road was the lower one. Gate was closed and the road beyond was closed to wheeled vehicles. Road beyond has been plowed all the way to the upper old sno park. It was down to ice and even bare pavement in a few places. We met a 5 yard dump truck plowing what little snow was left on our way out. Ice Scratchers were a good idea. Poor management by the state as far as I'm concerned.
Road to Twin Camps has not been groomed. It has had a few sleds on it though.
The road beyond the upper sno park was ok... but had slim snow on the sunny sides of the hill.
To show you snow conditions... we saw Elk sign in the road about a mile above the Cliff (Naches trail).
Green Pass road has not been groomed for some time but at least had some snow on it.
At Government Meadows I would say there was maybe a little over 3 feet of snow. (and to be expected) Hard packed and hard to find a spot that wasn't tracked. We put on about 40 miles.
OK trip for shakedown ride...

Jan 22 2013 Gov Meadows Cabin 1a.jpg (165291 bytes)    Jan 22 2013 Gov Meadows Cabin 2a.jpg (184042 bytes)    Jan 22 2013 Gov Meadows Cabin 3a.jpg (151010 bytes)

Patti outside of Tom's Cabin at Boulder Creek 2/24/2012

Mike Started Snowmobiling in 1967. Boy were the sleds different then.

First time I rode one was in Alaska in about 1964

They have come a long way since those days !

Patti started in 1988 and has enjoyed it ever since. Kristie and Kirk (our kids)

have been riding since they were born. The grandkids started early also.

We Snowmobile all over the Cascade Range in Washington just trail riding for fun.

Patti & I have slowed down some but the kids still ride hard.

This page was started 4/2/01 and I will dig out some more pictures later in the year.

Our Snowmobiling Pictures

2016 Snowmobiling Pictures

Video of Kirk doing something he should not have done above Austin

Rotating Sled Deck for a Flat Bed Truck & removable

And for hauling sleds on a flatbed truck...

This Turntable works great if you are hauling on a flatbed truck.

Drive them on... turn the turntable around & drive them off.

It even enables you to side load.

When I want to take them off the truck, we just back it

under the hoist & lift the whole works off.

Snowmobile Turntable Page

Repair Hints


Picture of Chinook Pass Arch April 2010

 A collection of Pictures of Chinook Pass Arch at the summit

Pictures of clearing Chinook Pass

Pictures of road clearing North Cascades Pass

Pictures of road clearing Cayuse Pass



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