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Dad, giving me the old Mac 47 we used on the homestead in Alaska, is what started the collection. I heard it was the first power saw in Chugiak. Later my brother Doug got a Mac 35 from his father in-law Sky Stusser and gave it to me. After that it was just kinda fun to have old saws to talk about in the shop and I have taken any that someone wanted to get rid of. We also have a saw not shown here, made by Power Machine in 1947.

My Collection with "Bruiser" at the bottom left


Notice the sheepherders wagon stove on the shelf . (just above the misery whip)

Pictures of our Wood Splitter

Pictures of my small collection

Info about each of our Saws

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"Bruiser" Our McCulloch 5-49


First Homelite Chainsaw Compliments of brother Brian

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