"Our Wood Splitter "

Drawing and dimensions of our homemade splitter. This is the rebuilt version of the I beam, slide & cylinder after using the old one for 20 years.

Splitter from back. Showing the bottom.

Standing upright, Showing how bottom is welded to I Beam

Close up from back of splitter showing how bottom plate is welded to I Beam

Standing upright showing bottom

In cradle on trailer in travel position

Shows oil tank and filter

Shows middle mount for cylinder

Close up of slide system

Shows splitting head welded to slide

Shows top mount for cylinder

Shows splitter in working position

Shows whole splitter from left side in travel position

Shows whole splitter from back/right side position ready for travel.

Dad (Gib) has a splitter also. Mounted on his three point. Commercially made.

Brother Brian's splitter attached to his 3 point


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