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3 Point Cable Plow or Poly Tube Plow information

We built this plow from a old Sub-Soiler made for an 8N Tractor. Overall length of the Sub-Soiler is 40". (top to bottom) The chute was just mounted on the rear side of it. The chute was made 1 " wide on the inside. The point where the 3 point hooks up is 23" from the toe of the Sub-Soiler. This makes it capable of plowing cable or poly tube about 20" deep. We tried it out for the first time 6/1/2007 and found it to work excellent. We plowed in 160’ of #10 (2 conductor with ground) direct bury underground wire in about 10 minutes. We pulled it with a Kubota 32 hp tractor. It pulled the plow easily. After kicking the rocks back into the plow path, we wheel rolled the plow path and back bladed it finishing the full job in under a half hour. The one drawback of Kubota tractors is the 3 point draw bars are short and they will not drop down to ground level. With our Sub-Soiler/Plow you need to be able to drop near ground level to plow full depth. We dug up our wire after plowing it and found it to be 12" deep. Plenty for our first time application, but not for all future jobs. After checking other brand tractors we find most of them drop the 3 point bars near ground level. We were so enthralled with how well it worked this first time, we forgot to take pictures. We will take pictures of the plow mounted on a tractor next time.

Here are a couple of pictures of the Cable Plow in action...

N7JTA Plow job1 8-30-10-a.jpg (104614 bytes)    N7JTA Plow job2 8-30-10-a.jpg (112758 bytes)    ditch 004 5-7-2011.jpg (315827 bytes)    ditch 002 5-7-2011.jpg (357183 bytes)

Cougar was darted out of this tree at the farm near Elk Heights on I90. Wildlife agents removed the Mother and

her 2 young males after they started getting into trouble at the farm Spring of 2007