"Our Cable Plow"

Home made Cable Plow hooks to 3 point hitch on any tractor.

(See Kidder's Plow pictures at bottom of page)


Dearborn Subsoiler model # 10-98 before we started. Overall length is 40" with 23" below the 3 point bar.

Side view of shank & plow chute. This will plow cable or 3/4" Ploy Tube. The chute is 1 1/2" wide and about 2 1/2" deep. It is hinged so tractor turning is made easier. The rear of the chute is removable so you can take the cable/tube out at the end of plowing.

Making the back of the chute removable is a must. If you can't take the cable out of the chute at the end of plowing, you can't lift the plow without kinking the cable/poly tube you have just plowed in.

Pull these 2 pins to remove bar & cable or poly tube

This picture shows the front of the shank in an unfinished state. It will get streamlined for width for easy plowing.

A chute hinge is important. Without one the whole plow acts like a rudder for the tractor


Terry and plow just after we finished welding it up.

Painted Cable Plow ready for workout

Painted Cable Plow with 3/4" Poly Tube stuck into chute for show & tell.

Finished from front

Finished from left front

Finished from rear

Finished from right rear


"Kidder's Cable Plow"

Kidder being in Eastern Washington decided to build his own plow

because we are so far apart. (I'm on the west side)

Here are some pictures of what he built with a little bigger chute.

Kidder plow.JPG (132824 bytes)  Kidder chute pins.JPG (38765 bytes)


Kidder chute bottom.JPG (87932 bytes)

Kidder chute measure.JPG (34364 bytes)

Kidder chute hinge.JPG (94676 bytes)

Pictures of Cable Plow in action while rented to Terry

N7JTA Plow job1 8-30-10-a.jpg (104614 bytes)    N7JTA Plow job2 8-30-10-a.jpg (112758 bytes)    ditch 002 5-7-2011.jpg (357183 bytes)    ditch 004 5-7-2011.jpg (315827 bytes)

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