1943 MB Jeep Tires and Wheels


Had to buy 1 more Combat wheel and new tires.

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Sandblasting wheels. Thanks Terry !!!

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Found I had to replace 2 bolts on the Combat Wheels

Wheel bolt thread cleanup 1a.jpg (105845 bytes)    Wheel bolt thread cleanup 2a.jpg (108430 bytes)

Bought new rubber & one combat wheel from Kaiser Willys Auto Supply, LLC      http://www.kaiserwillys.com/ 

Combat Wheel            $259.99    Free shipping when I bought it.

Tubes                           $17.99 x 5 = $89.95

Tires                             $110.99x5 =$554.85

Flaps                            $15.99x5 = $79.95

Sub Total                     $984.84

Shipping            +            $163.43

Total                            $1148.27


Mounting Tubes, Liners (or Flaps) & Tires onto Combat Wheels 

Mounting new tires 1a.jpg (121740 bytes)    Mounting new tires 2a.jpg (125791 bytes)    Mounting new tires 4a.jpg (120140 bytes)    Mounting new tires 3a.jpg (118235 bytes)    Mounting new tires 5a.jpg (128182 bytes)    Mounting new tires 7a.jpg (109763 bytes)


Mounting new tires 9a.jpg (123190 bytes)    Mounting new tires 10a.jpg (111210 bytes)    Mounting new tires 11a.jpg (108543 bytes)    Mounting new tires 12a.jpg (106955 bytes)

I found it takes a little hand strength to work the tubes & liners into new tires.

I put Anti Seize on the studs that hold the wheel halves together