1943 MB Restoration progress

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What I Started with 11/9/2011

1943 MB unloading pic 11-9-2011.jpg (220453 bytes)

What it looks like now 9/30/2012

Painted 10-11-12 005-a.jpg (170398 bytes)    Painted 10-11-12 006-a.jpg (161990 bytes)    Painted 10-11-12 007-a.jpg (152820 bytes)    Painted 10-11-12 016-a.jpg (134919 bytes)    Painted 10-11-12 037-a.jpg (112924 bytes)    Painted 10-11-12 043-a.jpg (119486 bytes)


Finish Painting the 1943 MB 9/21/2012


Working on the rear panel mounting lights, spare tire bracket, jerry can bracket, footman loops and reflectors. 

Rear Panel Work


Cooling System flush & Radiator installation

1943 MB New Radiator installed-3-a.jpg (151494 bytes)    1943 MB New Radiator installed-4-a.jpg (141681 bytes)


Repairing old heater holes in dash.

First I cleaned up the area around the holes. (front & back)

I cut a plate to put behind the holes and clamped it in place tight to the backside of the dash. I then tacked it to the dash from the front side around the inside edges of the holes.

Put two skim coats of bondo in the holes and sanded it all down. Dash will soon be ready for painting.

Holes in dash before.jpg (31653 bytes)        Holes in dash repair 4a.jpg (88206 bytes)


1943 MB Auxiliary stop/tail light


Black Out Tail Light Assemblies


Big Boy Drivers Seat Modification


Horn Repair


Windshield replacement & installation

Emergency Brake handle & cable installation

December 2011

1943 MB Jeep Tires and Wheels


Making progress on Engine Compartment

When I cleaned the Oil Filter out to replace the filter I found a gunk in the canister that was unrecognizable. This made me pull the pan for clean out also. It was 3/4" full of the same gunk. The oil pump screen was just about plugged too. Can't believe the oil pressure was 40 pounds when I had it running 11/10/2011. Anyhow I cleaned out the oil pan & pick up screen and put the pan back on. With the new radiator I bought for the restoration to be put on next, I pulled the thermostat to enable a good flush of the cooling system. The retainer that holds the thermostat in the housing had become part of the housing. Had to scrape it out and use a wire wheel to clean up the inside of the housing. Ordered a thermostat, retainer and gasket from Ron Fitzpatrick Jeep Parts, of G503.com . When doing a restoration you always find little unexpected problems. When taking off the generator for cleaning & paint I found the rubber mounting bushings completely rotted away. Replaced the rubbers and the shoulder bolts to make the generator line up to the other belt pulleys. Bought ebrake handle & cable and installed. Bought new temp gauge because mine was really rusted on the face and would be hard for me to restore. Also bought Speedometer & cable to install. These were installed now while I had everything off the firewall and made it easier to route and clamp the cables. Next, I hook the cooling system radiator hoses together and start the engine. Will bring it up to temperature a few times, (draining the water in between starts) flushing the system many times before plumbing the new radiator into the system. Most of my parts seem to be ordered from Ron Fitzpatrick Jeep Parts, of G503.com . I find them to be great to work with.

Oil Pressure Update 3/24/2012... After cleaning & flushing oil system, I now have 58 pounds of oil pressure cold.

This is what I started with...

1943 MB engine campartment Started with 2a.jpg (140446 bytes)

This is what it looks like right now

1943 MB Engine 1.jpg (158904 bytes)    1943 MB Engine 2.jpg (184093 bytes)    1943 MB Engine 3.jpg (133855 bytes)    1943 MB Engine 4.jpg (144973 bytes)

Pictures of my headway on the Jeep 3/9/2012

1943 MB Rstoration 1.jpg (189357 bytes)    1943 MB Rstoration 2.jpg (178321 bytes)


Working on Headlight Buckets & Hinged Brackets I got at the 4x4 Swap meet. (without rings)

Buckets & Brackets from swapmeet1-a.jpg (103599 bytes)    Buckets & Brackets from swapmeet2-a.jpg (95707 bytes)    Buckets & Brackets from swapmeet4-a.jpg (55070 bytes)    Buckets & Brackets from swapmeet8-a.jpg (134126 bytes)    Buckets & Brackets from swapmeet10-a.jpg (126438 bytes)

MB Buckets I had been using on my CJ3B for driving lights. I had to use the rings from these for the MB.

Buckets from CJ3B-1-a.jpg (125189 bytes)    Buckets from CJ3B-7-a.jpg (120698 bytes)

Headlamp bracket wing nut and rod assembly could not be found to buy. 

So I borrowed one from John Kenner for a template and fabricated my own. (Thanks John)

The painted ones are the ones I fabricated & the unpainted one is stock MB

Headlamp bracket wing nut and rod 7a.jpg (104963 bytes)    Headlamp bracket wing nut and rod 8a.jpg (106981 bytes)


Moved Jeep outside and washed out the engine compartment. Moved it back inside and started taking off parts to clean & paint. Wire brushed the rusty areas.  Painted the whole engine compartment and engine block. Also painted the inside of the fender wells.

Before Paint                                         Small Parts                          After Painting                

Before paint-a.jpg (118426 bytes)    Fender paint-a.jpg (109761 bytes)    small parts paint-a.jpg (106687 bytes)    after paint1-a.jpg (92275 bytes)    after paint2-a.jpg (88719 bytes)


Took a good look at the radiator that came with the Jeep. Was thinking about how much an engine can heat up in a parade, so decided to pull it out and take it to the radiator shop for a good clean. Ron said it looked pretty good when we delivered it. He called me back after testing it and said the core was the original radiator & just plain rotten. Had about 60 little leaks. He said he could re-core it and make it good for about $450.00. I went to G503 Vintage Jeep Parts and found I could buy new from them for $475.00. So I ordered Radiator, Cap & hoses from G503. This was a unexpected expense as the radiator had looked good to me and didn't seem to leak. Will flush the block well before putting the radiator back in.


New tires and shocks on

Jeep new tires 1-a.jpg (150646 bytes)    Jeep new tires 2-a.jpg (143033 bytes)    Jeep new tires 3-a.jpg (157362 bytes)    Jeep new tires 4-a.jpg (125056 bytes)    Jeep new tires 5-a.jpg (113458 bytes)

Jeep new tires 6-a.jpg (139136 bytes)    Jeep new tires 7-a.jpg (120029 bytes)    Jeep new tires 9-a.jpg (112130 bytes)    Jeep new tires 10-a.jpg (109401 bytes)    Jeep new tires 11-a.jpg (84654 bytes)    Jeep new tires 12-a.jpg (105121 bytes)



The restoration progress is going slow because of a lack of heat in my shop. It is just too darned cold to be painting the cold steel. The tool room of my shop, I can heat with my barrel stove. The big bays (at about 20' high) just can't be heated !

High shop ceiling                                   Tool Room                   

Shop wall1a.jpg (163653 bytes)    Shop back2a.jpg (142449 bytes)    Tool Room2a.jpg (101927 bytes)    Tool Room3a.jpg (114100 bytes)    Tool Room4a.jpg (122808 bytes)

Painting Hubs, Drums, Frame & install of new Shocks

Front left axle-a.jpg (81836 bytes)        Rear left axle-a.jpg (74933 bytes)


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