1943 MB Emergency Brake Handle, Cable & Clamps


The 1943 MB that I acquired did not come with ebrake handle, cable or clamps.

I ordered the replacement parts from Ron Fitzpatrick Jeep Parts. http://www.vintagejeeps.com/

Everything was right and spec for a 1943 MB

The ebrake cable is plastic coated and the clamps are a little tight. I modified them to fit.

I made the clamp for the top at the air cleaner bracket. Rolled a piece of strap around a 5/16 pin, welded a tab on the bottom to keep it from turning. Then dimpled the firewall side of the clamp to keep the cable from sliding through when the handle is pulled.

Top clamp1.jpg (109861 bytes)        Top clamp2.jpg (126482 bytes)        Top clamp3.jpg (112274 bytes)

The routing of the cable down towards the cross-member & clamp are shown here

Bell housing clamp1.jpg (108905 bytes)    Bell housing clamp2.jpg (103653 bytes)

Picture of the brake drum end .

ebrake bottom end.jpg (139438 bytes)