1943 MB Replacement Windshield Installation

After market made in Philippines

Problems I had with after market windshield made in the Philippines. 
Don't even hope for a bolt on !


Wrong catch hole spacing on outside.
As can be seen, these holes are not drilled right. It looks to me like they were drilled free hand from the driver’s side of the windshield. What you can not see from this photograph is the hole on the left has been drilled the right spacing on the inside but the drill was not held on a 90 degree angle making the spacing on the outside to close together. This is tough fix. If it was wrong on the inside I could oblong the hole and it would be covered by the catch. On the outside like this… it is hard to cover a bigger hole. 

Catch hole.jpg (128373 bytes)    

What I finally did was rat tail the left hole out as far as the bolt head would cover. This allowed the bolt to be started into the thread properly.

Pivot holes to small
Had to file out pivot holes to fit the winged shoulder bolts.
They were way to small to fit over the shoulder.

Pivot Arm hole.jpg (100445 bytes)

Frame divot to small to slide out inner frame to install glass
No possible way to slide out the inner frame. The divot in the outer frame was too high on the tube. We had to heat the frame and dimple some more tube down.
Further more it took two of us 1-½ hours to beat the inner frame out of its track with a hammer and a 2x6. When we started it only was moving about a   ¼ “ at a blow. It got easier after the halfway point. When the inner frame was out we took a big screwdriver and pried the channel apart a little to make the inner frame slip in easier.

Frame divot.jpg (215371 bytes)

Pivot arms not bent the same
After getting the pivot holes filed out I installed the windshield for fitting the cowl rubber. Noticed right away that the frame was not touching the cowl evenly. I took a measurement from the top corner of the frame on an angle down to the end of the pivot arms and found them to be different lengths by about 5/16”. So I bent the drivers side arm down 5/16” which made even spacing along the cowl for rubber placement.

Pivot Arm bend.jpg (95782 bytes)

If you look close in this picture... you will notice that the inner frame sets too far into the outer frame. (bending the rubber seal out)  This seems to stem from the top channel being attached too far towards the back of the outer frame. Comparing this after market inner frame to a stock one, I also find the stock frame is made thicker. (bringing the rubber seal forward) So far, I have not come up with a fix for this problem with the after market frame.

MB Windshield Rubber seal installation 7aa.jpg (62065 bytes)


Got the Inner frame back from the glass man and sanded, primed and painted it. 

Had the Glass cut & installed in the inner frame here locally. They did an excellent job.

In Lynnwood:
Associated Glass
18930 Highway 99, Lynnwood, WA 98036
(425) 778-2174
In Snohomish:
Associated Glass
201 Avenue D, Snohomish, WA 98290
(425) 483-7043


Installing the inner windshield rubber seal

Started installing the rubber seal in it's channel. Soaped up the channel and rubber and tried to slide it into the channel at the cut-outs. Won't work... I found it easier to tip the lower part of the "T" into the channel and work the top part in with a screwdriver. Whole job took about an hour (lots of patience) and I didn't tear the rubber. I left the upper tails long overnight to let the rubber relax before cutting it off. I will leave about 5/8" of the flat part of the "T" on to cover the corner hole. Now that everything is fitted, I can put my final coats of paint on the windshield.

MB Windshield Rubber seal installation 1aa.jpg (78975 bytes)    MB Windshield Rubber seal installation 2aa.jpg (74755 bytes)    MB Windshield Rubber seal installation 3aa.jpg (53100 bytes)    MB Windshield Rubber seal installation 5aa.jpg (66662 bytes)    MB Windshield Rubber seal installation 7aa.jpg (62065 bytes)

MB inner windshield installed closed 1aa.jpg (63455 bytes)    MB inner windshield installed open 5a.jpg (72155 bytes)    MB inner windshield installed open 10a.jpg (73926 bytes)

Brass Windshield Latches that came with my original windshield

Brass Latch 3a.jpg (111779 bytes)    Brass Latch 15a.jpg (181217 bytes)    Brass Latch 16a.jpg (181495 bytes)