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Wednesday 5/16/2012

Mike & Patti pulled the trailer into Rita's camp today. 

The road was dry and someone has taken a farm tractor in and smoothed off the swale where Jim & Rita got stuck. It is much better now.

Place looks great and the river is running high & fast as the upper area snow melts.

Saturday December 17, 2011

Annual Christmas Get together

Mike took some pictures. To see them...

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Mike & Patti took the Camp Trailer in 5/22/2011

Road was bear & dry. Camp was in great shape and the temp was running about 55 degrees. Great sunny day for us.

Road Scouting trip Monday  4/25/2011

Mike went over to scout out the road 4/25/2011. Found the West Fork road snowed in before our gate. Took a hike up the road and up the Wildlife trail and found patches of snow everywhere. Would be good riding if you could get into camp. In the Middle Fork the road into Indian Camp is also blocked by snow just off the end of the blacktop. The North Fork has been plowed up past the Guard Shack (Above Stafford Creek intersection)

Click on the pictures to see full size.

Road below gate              Road below gate                Road just before 4 way        Lake by Crane

West Fork Road1-a.jpg (90958 bytes)                West Fork Road2-a.jpg (97574 bytes)                West Fork Road3-a.jpg (113595 bytes)                Lake1-a.jpg (156512 bytes)

Sunday 12/19/2010 

Annual Christmas Get together

We had our party tonight at Jim & Reta's

Great time had by all. Nancy seemed to be opening most all of the presents... Pictures to be posted soon. <grin>

Thanks to the Gals for a fantastic feed. Good food and plenty of it!

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Thursday 12/9/2010

Picked up Reta & Jim at their house and they rode with me to the memorial for Doris Wright.

It was at Sacred Heart Church in Enumclaw. Her ashes will be scattered in the Teanaway next summer as she requested. 

Jim McDermott is doing great and was under his own power for the whole trip.

(He did tell me after we got him home "That tired me out") 

Dena (sweetheart that she is) was at their house doing the chores when we got there.

Wednesday 12/1/2010

Jim McDermott had open heart surgery today. Reta left a message and says he is doing well.

Will keep updating this information as I get more.

Ho Ho Ho  Here is a picture of Santa (Bill Woeck). Notice he doesn't have much snow...lol...Judy


July 4 2010 ride at Reta's

The Group

The Group... Where is Jeanine... taking a snooze ???

Jeff & Rosi showing off ???

Please send your pictures... or stories.

May 31 2010

Mike & Patti spent the Memorial Day weekend in the Teanaway. It was a little wet but we had a great time and managed to clear & reflag some trail. Saw Turkey, Elk & Deer. The road was in pretty good shape and we didn't see many other people in there. We did burn some propane in the trailer furnace. <grin> Place looks great, Thanks Rita!!!


April 25 2010

From Jeff Hoover & Rosie Carey

We're inviting you to a potluck dinner April 25th.  We'll be 
expecting people to arrive as early as 2 p.m., with plenty of time 
for socializing before dinner at 5 p.m.  Bring a salad, main dish, 
side dish, or dessert.  Just let us know you're coming and what 
you'll be bringing.  No ride planning---just tall tales!

Christmas Party 2009

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Mike & Patti's

Memorial Day Weekend in the Teanaway 2009

DSC09700.JPG (589126 bytes)


Read our notes & see pictures...

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Better Read this stuff...

Weed-free Feed Required in Northwest Forests

Permits needed for recreation in Washington State  (new pass to take effect July 1, 2011)


Look at pictures of Jim & Rita at their wedding reception 9-30-2007

Rides planned this year...2009

Will post soon

Thursday 5/14/2009

Mike pulled our camp trailer into Rita's property today.

Needed 4 wheel drive to get the trailer pulled in there because of the slimy road.

Road bed is not soft, just slimy on the top 2 inches.

Checked out Rita's in the Teanaway Wednesday 5/6/2009

Road in was fine with a little mud on the surface. Property looks fine.


Firepit-a.jpg (333326 bytes)

  Trailer-a.jpg (292550 bytes)


Corral-a.jpg (323040 bytes)


Gene Gooding got kicked by his Mare and broke his leg. When I last talked to Gene he said it was healing ok.

Here is a picture of the twins... both have broken legs


Gooding broken leg twins.jpg (35466 bytes)


Jim Abernethy got another new Walker Mare. This brings Jim up to 2 mares now. From what Jim tells us she is doing well and Dee Dee says she has a really good straight back reverse. <GRIN>


Jeff & Rosie hosted the annual spring Potluck & ride planning party.The above rides were planned at this time. We had a great time as usual and many thanks to Jeff & Rosie for hosting us all. Mike took a couple of photos at the party and posted them in the album.



Trail Reports

Teanaway Mercantile

Mike & Patti's Main website

Event Reports

August work party at Teanaway

Took place 8/28/2006 and we got about 300 feet of trench dug and most of the pipe placed. Need to dig across the road and connect the pipe.

Click Here to see Picture Album



Gene, Jeanine, Dee Dee and Patti rode the Redmond Watershed Sunday 2/27/05

Had a good spring ride in sunny weather !

See pics in album

Circle Of Friends Pics


Dee Dee got a new Walker Guilding

Jim Abernethy got a new Walker Mare

Also heard today that Jim Abernethy got dumped of his new mare in the paddock

Nothing hurt but his pride ! <GRIN>


The Christmas Party was held at Reta's new home in Maple Valley.

A good time was had by all and as usual we had more than enough to eat.


Circle Of Friends Pics


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