1943 Jeep MB

Picture of an original MB & what mine will look like after restoration

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Jeep MB & GPW Specifications        Cartoon by Bill Mauldin

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I have been thinking about restoring a military Jeep for a few years.

Well... November 9, 2011 I bought a 1943 MB and now I'm into another project.

Here are some pictures after I just got it home. (just click on these thumbnails to see full size)

1943 MB unloading pic 1a.jpg (220453 bytes)    1943 MB unloading pic 5a.jpg (217142 bytes)    1943 MB unloading pic 2a.jpg (220789 bytes)    1943 MB Front pic 3a.jpg (134387 bytes)    1943 MB Front pic 4a.jpg (125828 bytes)    1943 MB rear pic 1a.jpg (86782 bytes)


                                                       Frame tag #                 Body #              Engine #

1943 front floor 1a.jpg (114629 bytes)    1943 MB engine campartment 2a.jpg (140446 bytes)    1943 MB frame tag 1a.jpg (136958 bytes)    body number 2a.jpg (137286 bytes)    engine number 6a.jpg (98483 bytes)

Frame number = MB 222308

Body number = 124078

Engine number = 8175

Jim Kilbourne says it's a March Jeep.

He figures the DOD is 25 or 26 MAR 1943...and the tub is the original tub to that frame...

The engine has been renumbered during a rebuild.

Well, it had been sitting in a shed for some time so the battery was dead. I charged it over-night and the next day I went out to try and start it. I used an oil can with some gas in it and squirted some in the carburetor, hit the starter and it fired up and ran. The oil pressure came up to about 40 cold... the generator started charging. After warm up the oil pressure dropped to 20 at an idle. It sounds like the tappets need some adjusting and it leaks some engine oil out the rear main. It had antifreeze in the radiator and I didn't see any leaks. Temp gauge did not come up. (may be bad) The brakes seem to be there and it moves forward & backward. What more can you ask for ? 

The windshield frame & glass are a mess. I think that will have to be replaced. It has a drivers seat but I will need one for the passenger side and a back seat. The glove box lid is missing, so I have no data plates. All the lights are missing. Steering wheel will need replacement also. I find no body rust and the all the body bolts have been replaced with new mounting rubber. The fenders are in great shape and even have the belting between the fender & body. Everything in the engine compartment looks factory.

This is to be a Motor Pool Restoration

Factory Class is as they left the factory.
Motorpool/Combat Ready is anything other and as used.
This would include markings, non standard field modifications, wear and tear.

MVPA'S Judging Classes:

Restored Class:This class is for vehicles that are restored to the “like new” appearance, either as it left the factory or as it was when issued for service. Vehicles must be at least 20 years old to be entered in the Restored Class.

Motor Pool Class: This class is for vehicles that are restored to the “in use” appearance after being issued for service by the military. Points are not deducted for correct modifications, replacement motors and installed accessories if proper to the era portrayed by the vehicle. There is no vehicle age restriction in the Motor Pool Class.

First Show for us... Arlington Fly In 2012

To see the progress on the Jeep... with pictures

Restoration Progress

Tires & Wheels

Windshield Installation

Emergency Brake Handle & Cable

Horn Repair

Mike's Modifications for any Jeep

World War Two Jerry Can & Bracket / Holder Information

1943 MB Hand Crank Fabrication / Copy

Rear View Mirror

List of parts needed on this Jeep

The checkmark Means acquired and then who I ordered from comes after

Windshield  G503

Windshield Glass purchase & install Associated Glass Lynnwood, WA

Windshield wiper tandem set G503

Passenger seat G503

All lights for back panel www.4wd.com

2 Shocks (from G503 Monroe # 32207) $25.00 each

 2 Shocks (From Napa #94038 Monroe # 32207 $19.00 each

Tilt brackets & headlight buckets Swap Meet

Two dash gauge lights G503

Emergency Brake handle & cable  G503

Glove Box lid & hardware G503

Nomenclature plates DATAPLATES4U

Back seat G503

Speedometer & Cable G503

Temp Gauge G503

Gas Can bracket Swap Meet

Good Steering wheel  G503

Stock front bumper  G503

Both bolt on spring bumpers for rear  G503

One more Combat Wheel Kaiser Willys

5 Tires, 5 Tubes & 5 Liners Kaiser Willys

Radiator G503

Seat Cushions G503

Horizontal Taillight Brackets Mid West Military

Spare Tire Bracket G503

Trailer Plug Female G503

Trailer Plug Male Mid West Military

Gas can strap upper bracket G503

Floor drain clinch nuts and plugs G503

Seat Cushion Set for all 3 seats G503

Vintage Wiring Harness G503 

Horn Repair assembly G503

Master Cylinder inspection cover plate G503

Period Specific Jerry Can Bracket used Robert Lukes

Period Specific Jerry Can "1943" used John Wright

Period Specific Pintel Hook used Robert Lukes

13 Footman Loops "Period Specific" some used Robert Lukes

5th Combat Wheel used trade for my slat wheel Bruce

Replacement Windshield to Hood latch used John Kenner

Mirror arm used traded for Period Specific Jerry Can Bracket   John Kenner

Mirror head used traded for Period Specific Jerry Can Bracket  John Kenner

 Mirror Cowl brackets Mike made Shop

Oil Can Bracket used Mike repaired John Kenner

Hand start motor Crank Mike made copy Shop

Hand start motor Crank storage bracket Mike made copy Shop

Synthetic Enamel Lustreless Olive Drab - Shade #8 TM9 Ordnance Products

Need to acquire still


Axe clamp rear

Axe clamp front

Axe clamp hardware kit

Axe sheath

Shovel and axe strap set

Shovel bracket hardware kit

Shovel front bracket

Rear seat hooks MB

Accelerator pedal foot rest

A3782 accelerator pedal leather boot

A3783 transmission (T84) leather boot

A3784 transfer case leather boot

MB GPW black out light housing assembly

Black out light guard

MB GPW black out light fender bulb 6 volt

Where I have ordered parts and got good service

http://www.jeepdraw.com/ drawings for proper placement of parts (Thanks for great help Jon!)

http://www.tm9ordnance.com/ For proper paint

http://www.kaiserwillys.com/ for tires, tubes & flaps

http://www.g503.com/parts/ for windshield frame and many other parts (Good Service from Ron!)

www.dataplates4u.com Robert de Ruyter for the best Data Plates and Outstanding Service. In the Netherlands (Thanks Robert)

http://www.midwestmilitary.net/ Midwest Military for MB & GPW Tail Light Brackets & Male Trailer Plug NOS

Mike's Jeep interest from the Reid family history

Gib & Eileen Reid bought a surplus Jeep in late 1946. Dad made an aluminum top for it and they drove it up the Alaska Highway in 1947 from Chicago.

Near as I can tell the Jeep was a 1943 GPW judging from the front cross member. Also the front bumper has two holes in it just inside the frame horns.

The MB frame only had one hole right in the center for the engine hand crank.

Here are some pictures of it

More information about the trip

Alaska Highway Convoy 2012

This would be fun for Mike...

Just can't afford this trip... I figured about $3000.00 just for fuel in the two vehicles. Jeep = 3500 miles in convoy + F350 diesel Power Joke with camper = 1596 miles to Dawson & return + 3500 miles in convoy = about 717 gallons (at 12 mpg) of fuel at an average of $4.00 per gallon...

Alaska Highway Convoy 2012

The Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA) is proud to announce plans to conduct a
70th Anniversary Convoy on the famous Alaska Highway in August of 2012.




Links to other sites about the 1943 MB

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Excellent page for proper placement of parts onto a Jeep. Jon is great to work with. Thanks for the help Jon !


Welcome to 1943mb.com. This site is dedicated to the 1943 WWII Willys MB Jeep restorer. 


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For hard to find stuff try...


For good data plates and great service try...

Information I have gathered about the Jeep

Other interesting information on the Jeep

F-head Hurricane Engine Specs  (Later 4 Cylinder Not WWll)

L-Head 134 4 Cylinder Go Devil Jeep Engine Specs

L-Head Distributor Rotation

1943 Jeep on 2002 FL60 Freightliner   (The way I haul it now)

Bought this FL60 Rollback August 2016 to haul my Snowcat & Jeeps

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